Stomp Out Bullying


Carmen Besharse

Across the globe, Approximately 3.2 million kids report bullying each year within their school. From teasing to physical contact, victims are affected both internally and externally. Although it usually starts at a young age with verbal teasing, many would agree that it never truly stops at any certain age.

West Elementary school principal, Dr. Stewart, is someone who witnesses bullying in their beginning stages.

I believe that bullying is wrong. I also believe that people define what constitutes bullying in many different interpretations and what one person considers to be bullying behavior may not be the same for another person,” Stewart said.

For many, it seems like a foreign concept; it seems like something that simply couldn’t occur at our school. Although there are strict policies installed within the school system, it does still happen, unfortunately.  

“Bullying takes place at our school and at every school. It is very difficult to catch a bully in the act. When I do have concrete proof, I deal with it right away but the proof had to be more than just one person’s word against another’s. I need actual proof. I can’t suspend someone just because someone claims they did something,” high school principal, Randy Rose said.

Recently, the school has introduced a program called MMAD – Mustangs Making A Difference. The program is open to all students and was created in hopes of encouraging students to be kinder and more positive.

“I think that people should be nice to everyone. When I was little, I was bullied, and it wasn’t fun. It just made me sad all the time and I was afraid to go to school.” Teeter said.

A large majority of the student body have began practicing the principles presented by MMAD and other similar programs.

“It doesn’t take anything extra to be a decent person,” sophomore Ethan Webster said.