Seniors Reflect on Their Final Game


Gabby Green, Writer

The annual Senior night event took place on February 7th at the MAC. This yearly event intends to honor the senior students who have dedicated so much personal time to playing basketball for the blue and silver. The seniors honored at this year’s event included Parker Anderson, Lathan Crane, Dawson Stewart, Jack Edwards, Kaydence Lambert, Emily Stull, Kristen Hawkins, and Ashtyn Hawkins. 

Kaydence Lambert sat on the bench beside her teammates, with street shoes on her feet  and no warm up on like the rest of her teammates. On top of being the one night she dreaded – the end of her high school basketball career-  she also couldn’t  play alongside her teammates in the game she grew up with due to her injury. This didn’t stop the senior ball player from attending senior night to support her fellow classmates on the team. Although sitting on the bench with an injury can cause anyone to feel discouraged, Lambert continued to remain optimistic through the game. 

Lambert opened up about the main struggle of the night, saying, “My teammates knew that I was injured, and I think it brought them down at the beginning of the game, knowing that I wasn’t okay for the last home game. I’m glad that they pushed through, and that I could support them by being there for them.”

 Lambert has been on the Lady Mustangs team for as long as she can remember. “I was taken aback during Senior Night because I was injured and I knew I wouldn’t get to play, and that is emotional. Getting to walk out with my parents, though, it made me happy to be a part of the whole experience. It made me reflect on my whole basketball career.”

Parker Anderson, another senior basketball player, walked alongside his teammates after his time on the court to meet his parents in the middle. With a red face and a huge smile painted across him, he passed off flowers to his mother and posed for  pictures arm in arm with his parents. “It was a rush to the head at first when I realized where I was,” Anderson explained when asked if it was memorable. “It made me realize I was actually about to graduate High School for once and for all.” 

With the end of the game, the air was different for the senior players, and everyone knew they were beginning to grow up. “I won’t forget it, that’s for sure” Lambert stated, with much grief about the night and how she’ll never have another one like it. Parker thinks the same way about the night as a whole. “It’s something that’s gonna be stuck in my mind as I grow. I wish I could steal the moment and keep it forever.”