BIC Student Takes to the Stage


Hector Ramos, Writer

BIC Fourth Grader, Zaylee Stewart, has developed a keen interest in the performing arts. After previously acting in community theater performances of “The Little Mermaid ” and “Annie Jr.,” she has now appeared in her latest play “Frozen Jr”. The play was presented by The Foundation of Arts and Arvest Bank, at the Historic Forum Theatre from February 9th-12th.
Not only did she play as a troll and have a solo and speaking part, she also assisted the stage hands behind the scenes. “I was a helper backstage. I was in charge of moving numerous props and helped Anna [The lead character] get dressed and back on stage quickly,” said Stewart.
Zaylee has made it very clear her yearn for being a part of the big stage,but her love for theater extends beyond the physical act of performing “I like being in plays because I get to meet new friends, get to spend time with other friends I have previously made in plays, and they are very fun to participate in.” Community theater has opened a new world to Stewart, who now gets the opportunity to meet students from all over Northeast Arkansas who share her passion for the stage.
Being in a play can be very exhausting, and Zaylee went on to give her insight into this. “Usually, I am relieved it is over with because the weeks before the actual performance dates are full of rehearsals.” While these performances can be very draining for the young actress, she does believe the great amount of time spent in theater is worth the sacrifice. “I am sad when the play is over because I won’t get to see all of my theater friends on a regular basis,” said Stewart.
It hopefully won’t be long until you can see Zaylee perform again, as she has a try-out in March for the play “The Little Mermaid,” but this time with a different theater company. Stewart has been diligently working on perfecting her performance, and she can’t wait to return to the bright lights of the stage.