Science teacher firing up students


Kensie Walker

Science teacher Stephanie Woods during a recent chemistry lab

Kensie Walker

There’s some really respectful kiddos here, and that goes a long way.

— Stephanie Woods

Setting the porcelain cup over the Bunsen burner, Avery Uthoff, Stephanie Atchley and Connie Watson watched observantly as the mothball melted.

Avery slightly leaned her head over the burner to get a better look when the mothball caught fire, causing the flames to reach dangerous levels. In a panic, the students yelled to their teacher, Ms. Stephanie Woods who quickly suffocated the fire before anyone was harmed.

“Our first chemistry lab ever, and we almost set ourselves on fire”, said junior Avery Uthoff.

Ms. Woods’s quick response to the mishap most likely had to do with the fact that she has had a few of her own lab incidents.

“Usually, I’m the first to have any problems or break anything during a lab”, Ms. Woods said.

During one of her organic chemistry labs in college, she almost caught her own lab partner on fire due to the fact that the unusually stiff tubing was tipped over in the direction of her partner. Also, much like Avery and her lab partners, Ms. Woods burned herself in her very first chemistry lab.

According to Ms. Woods her love of science must be genetic, because her five year old son is also a science fanatic.

“Its not uncommon for me to go in the kitchen and he is ‘making a formula’ as he says,” she said.

Her love of science goes all the way back to her ninth grade physical science teacher, who went above and beyond to get her class involved. Her favorite chemistry experiment happens to be the flame color test, which her current class is looking forward to participating in this school year.

Many of Ms. Woods students love the fact that she gets the whole class involved. Everybody gets to participate and talk to one another instead of just listening to a lecture.

“Its not just strictly work and no fun,” Kayla Griffin said. “She throws some jokes in there and laughs with us.”

The fond feelings from her students are returned by Ms. Woods. Her favorite thing about teaching at BIC so far is the fact that students are well mannered.

“There’s some really respectful kiddos here, and that goes a long way”, she said.