Q and A with the Queen


Erica Hurst, Editor

What was it like picking out your dress?

It was actually a lot of fun.  It wasn’t stressful like it is for prom.  I guess it was because I was looking for a different style of dress;  something that just really fit me, fit my character, and matched my hair.


Did you know it was the one you wanted as soon as you put it on?

Yes!  I have a thing about first dresses.  The first one I try on is usually the one I end up getting, and it was the same case with this one.


Do you remember what was running through your mind as announced that you were the 2019 Homecoming Queen?

Not exactly. Tt was more just nervousness.  I wasn’t hoping to get it or wishing for one of them [the other girls] to get it or anything.  I was mostly just super nervous and praying not to trip or to do anything embarrassing.


How would you describe the feeling of being crowned Homecoming Queen?

It was awesome.  It was a true honor.  Once they called out Morgan’s name, I thought that Haddyn had gotten it.  So I bent down and gave her a hug because I knew how awesome it is to be crowned Homecoming Queen, so I was super happy for her.  But then they called her name, and it blew my mind! I didn’t think I would get it.


Do you get to keep the crown?  If so, what are you going to do with it?

Yeah, they let us keep the crowns.  I have a lot of old pageant crowns and they sit on my dresser in different places.  They’re just kind of on display in my room. This crown is an experience that I’ll actually be able to remember and look back on;  the others are crowns that I won from the pageant years ago. I was super small, and I didn’t really know what was going on.


Are there any specific memories of Friday night that pop into your head that we haven’t covered?

The whole process was fun.  Going through hair and makeup, Adam [her boyfriend, a fellow Senior at BIC] was there the whole time…  It was just a really fun day.