Q and A with the Queen: Sydney Bryeans


Erica Hurst, Writer

What was your reaction when they announced the Jr High princesses?

When they announced the princesses, I was shocked.  I really didn’t expect to get it, and I really wanted my friend to get it.  I was in awe. I was tearing up because I was so excited!

How was your experience finding the perfect dress?

Well, it was hard.  But I went shopping with my friend, and she had tried that dress on earlier that day.  I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s so pretty!’ So, I tried it on, and it fit me well, and it looked good on me, so we just decided to get it.  It was really, really pretty.

What was it like getting to walk with your escort?

My escort was Jaron Burrow.  It was kind of funny! He would walk too fast, and I would have to tell him to slow down a lot.

How do you feel knowing that your peers voted for you?

I just want to thank them all a lot.  I didn’t know that that many people were going to vote for me. I’m just shocked.

What is one memory that you’ll always remember from Friday night?

I’ll remember getting called out, and Lexa [Whitley].  I almost made her cry because I was tearing up!

The photo attached is one of Sydney Bryeans.