New Teachers Welcome at BIC


Jackson McCoy, Writer

BIC High School has started off the 2022-2023 school year with three new additions to the staff: Mrs. Sally Cates, Mrs. Peggy Walker, and Mrs. Ally Stone. With their inclusion, they bring their own unique teaching styles and their experiences to BIC, which has been greatly welcome. 


Mrs. Cates and Mrs. Walker are similar in the regard that they are both veteran teachers who recently retired  from Missouri. Mrs. Cates is bringing her 27 years of experience in science to the district, while Mrs. Walker brings 34 years of math instruction with her. Mrs. Stone, however, is a first-year teacher who is eager to learn alongside her students in the classroom.


Mrs. Cates always wanted a job that helped people; she originally wanted to be a nurse, but she thought that teaching would be better for her family. Once she made the decision to teach, she taught at Kennet and Sykeston High School. Into the classroom, she brought a wealth of cultural and scientific knowledge that she gained while studying abroad and traveling to other countries, such as Japan, China, and Mexico.


 “I think that traveling abroad has inspired me to be a better teacher for my students,” said Cates.


Mrs. Walker always enjoyed math and wanted a job focused in mathematics. She originally considered a career as a statistician, but ended up entering the world of education because she thought it would be the most convenient career for her and her family. 


Mrs. Walker likes old fashioned things; she lives on a farm that has been in her family for six generations, and there she grows fruits to make jellies and preserves. She also uses her sewing machine to make and fix clothing for a profit. She even maintains a 1971 Volkswagen, that she has had for 23 years. 


Mrs. Stone is a recent graduate from Arkansas State University.  She originally went to school for electrical engineering, but later switched to focusing on math education.Mrs. Stone wanted to be a math teacher because she thought that math had been ruined for too many students by unenthusiastic teachers. She hopes that her hands-on style can change that for the students in her classes. “I try to do as many activities in class to keep my students as engaged as possible,” said Stone. 


She is very active in the local community. She consistently goes to the community events her siblings are involved in, as well as being a youth leader for her local church. As a youth leader she heads many events the church leads such as fundraisers and Bible studies. 


We sincerely hope that these three teachers adapt to and learn to love the Buffalo Island community for all of its good and bad.