Liberty and justice for all now true in America

SCOTUS rules on marriage equality

Camden Metheny


As an American, I’m proud to say that we’re evolving. Today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalizing gay marriage in all fifty states. I never understood why same-sex marriage was illegal in the first place. You’d think it was a basic human right, but people were justifying it being illegal because it’s sinful. Now, I myself am a Christian, but I feel that no one sin is worse than the other. You see these politicians fight against gay marriage, yet they lie, cheat, and steal. To me, those are all the same.

A lot of people I know don’t support the gay community. I live in a rather conservative community. Being a liberal in an area like mine, it makes it hard to find people that share my views. Trying to talk about anything is a moot point because all they try to do is scream and yell over you. Debating is useless. Since I got back from Washington, D.C., I’ve made a bunch of friends that share my views, making it easier to talk about current events.

Since it was a 5-4 ruling, it all decided on Justice Anthony Kennedy’s vote, the ruling came like a lightning strike. President Obama said that this ruling “will strengthen all communities.” In this country, with all the horrible things that have happened just this year alone, we needed this unification. We needed this positivity. We needed this pride. It’s one more step to true equality amongst all people.