Pick your Poison: I’m With Her

Shyla Clayton

As the 2016 presidential election draws to a close, I continue to confidently support Hillary Clinton and her campaign. As a woman, I could personally never vote for someone who has said so many disrespectful things about women. I also couldn’t as a man because it would affect the women that I cared about.

Hillary Clinton is one of the most experienced candidates in the history of America. She has served as First Lady, senator, and secretary of state. This is important, because the main task as the president is dealing with foreign policy. Secretary of state is the position that is most closely tied to foreign policy aside from the presidency, and Clinton is one of the most experienced individuals in American politics in terms of dealing with foreign leaders.

Hillary Clinton is a moderate liberal who will continue many of the policies that President Obama has instituted, which have been good for our country and our economy. These policies have been good for keeping us out of really expensive and extensive war, and have caused Obama to be considered a very popular president nationally.

I personally agree with social progressivism; I support gay rights, women’s rights, education and believe the Democrats are better at funding education and have better policies for education. I support common sense in installing gun regulation – making sure loopholes are closed and taking away effortless opportunities to obtain gun ownership. I support Obama Care and wish to see it extended so that people who have preexisting conditions can continue to get medicine.  

I don’t believe that immigration is a serious issue, because we have a negative immigration rate right now, meaning the same amount of people are leaving as are entering.  Also, many economists say that immigration is good for our country. Immigration also helps us because many Americans are aging and we need people working, paying taxes, and paying into social security. Illegal immigration is good because there are tasks that would dry up if we didn’t have illegal immigrants. Agriculture, for example, is almost entirely dependant on illegal immigrants.

People have an idea that illegal immigrants are draining our economy by taking jobs. That is just not the case, in my opinion. Illegal immigrants are hardworking people that want to come to America to help and assimilate our country. There is just no possible way that we could pluck all of them up and send them back home.

I also support Democratic policies on assuring that people have access to healthcare and food stamps. There are circumstances that cause many citizens to be in poverty. In this case, they deserve help in getting back on their feet.

People going into college should have government grants and things to help them succeed in college, especially those who are economically disadvantaged.

I don’t agree with Donald Trump’s policies, but more importantly, I think that he is sexist, homophobic, and racist. I don’t think he is beneficial to anyone but white men.He has an anti-intellectual platform and I don’t trust his character. I think the videos of him making inappropriate comments about women are repulsive.

I don’t think Trump has any legitimate policy other than to build the wall, which I feel is the least of our worries. Personally, as an American, immigration does not negatively impact me. Professional jobs are not at risk and factory jobs are not at risk by illegal immigrants. I don’t see our country being taken over by immigrants. I think what matters is the starvation of children, slashed school funding, and crime.

Trump wants massive tax cuts on the wealthy; I think wealthy people should have to pay more taxes than middle and lower class people.

I don’t think Donald Trump represents our country well.  He buddies up to Russia, who I believe is an enemy of the United States. He doesn’t carry himself the same way as Clinton, former secretary of state.

The only demographic Donald Trump is winning is christian, white, high school educated men. And Hillary Clinton is winning women, African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Jews, non christians and every other demographic.

What’s most important to keep in mind is that it all boils down to policy. I just agree with the Democratic platform. I think a lot of people get hung up on abortion and gay marriage when they vote because the president has the power to change The Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is not changing those two things any time soon. Abortion has been an issue in this country since the 1960’s and the court currently has no intention of overturning. It is established and the president can’t just snap his fingers and get it changed.

When people vote, they get blinded and don’t see the good that the Democratic platform is capable of doing. They believe in myths about welfare, immigration, and terrorism.  They don’t see that Democrats are for education, are anti-war, are for benefits, and want to make more tax cuts for the middle class. It is more balanced and better for people as a whole, and a vote for Clinton is a vote for this well-rounded, Democratic platform.