Pick your Poison: Make America Great Again

Jay Ivy

Donald Trump, the presidential candidate for the Republican party, has been at the forefront of the political stage since his entering into the presidential race. Known for his steadfast view on immigration, Trump has also taken strong stances on many other debatable subjects such as abortion and national security.  

He is a steady supporter of keeping our country as it should be; a protector of basic rights and freedom. Mr. Trump has consecutively explained that he is pro-life. He has clashed with his presidential opponent on the subject of abortion, saying we should protect all life against her opinion that killing innocent children is okay.

“…Life is the most fundamental right. The federal government should not diminish this right by denying its’ protection,” said Trump.

Another issue that the Democratic and Republican candidates clash over is immigration. Mr. Trump has repeatedly stated his view on immigration, saying that he is motivated to protect the United States from outside influence. This will not only protect us, but open up jobs for United States citizens when following through with his plan to deport all illegal immigrants and increase the security around our borders. Hillary Clinton, in contrast, wants to open our borders to everyone. How can we keep America safe if every other criminal has to be shipped to another country for punishment? How can we avoid international incidents from arresting or inevitably killing a foreign citizen?

Borders are present for a reason. Not only are we lax on our border regulation, but we are complacent to the point of ignorance. Mr. Trump will undoubtedly open many jobs with his new regulation and keep us safer while doing it. Approximately eighty to ninety percent of all illegal drugs within the United States come from Mexico. If we improve security around the borders, we can make it a safer place to live by virtually destroying the illegal drug industry. What parent doesn’t want a safer place for their children? What parent doesn’t want to keep their children away from drugs?

Mr. Trump has shown his knowledge and wisdom on many things such as same sex marriage, which he doesn’t voice his specific opinion on but says the states should be able to decide instead of the Supreme Court. This shows a true leader of a free state: someone who puts the freedom of the states ahead of his own personal opinion.

Donald Trump shows his leadership qualities in his everyday life, and that is why I believe it is imperative he win over his opponent in the race for presidency. The United States represents freedom – freedom to do as you please as long as you don’t harm someone else. Mr. Trump does this in everything. That is why he should be president; because he can lead by example, and give our country something to aspire to be.