Harry Styles Teaches a Valuable Lesson: Acceptance of Everyone


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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JULY 18: Harry Styles attends the “DUNKIRK” premiere in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Alanna Neldon

Generation Z, like every era before them, had a need for cultural icons who could set the tone of the generation’s fashion, culture, and overall ethos. Like The Beatles, David Bowie, Nirvana, and all of the artists who have come before him, Harry Styles seemed to have taken the throne of being a generation-defining artist and heart throb, and he achieved it by pushing boundaries and sharing a positive message.

Styles has inspired thousands worldwide through his rebellious fashion sense and ideal of social acceptance. Harry is helping people through his music, and he has made it clear that transferring his freedom of expression has become one of his primary goals.  He is making a statement that people can wear what they wish, feel what they wish, and express themselves anyway they want to without having fears of what others may think.

Most fans fell in love with his music at first, but as Styles’ mythos grew, so did his reputation and cultural impact. Audiences have grown to love him for his warmth and compassion, which is notably expressed on his hit “Treat People with Kidness.”  Harry makes it clear that he  has always accepted everyone no matter their race, religion, sexuality, size, or gender, and that is what he’s teaching now through his music and public messaging.

 He spreads positivity to his fans and has established himself as a fashion icon, with a groundbreaking sense of style. He  has allowed men to feel more comfortable conveying their sense of self through clothing.  He has shown boys everywhere around the world that they don’t have to conform to a traditional sense of masculinity to be accepted. This can be seen in the way Styles has dressed in a very rebellious way on the covers of extremely popular magazines such as Vogue and Rolling Stone.

Whatever your personal style may be, whether it be traditional or more unconventional, Styles has pushed the idea that  If you ever feel unloved or unaccepted, you will always have a place to go and be able to get that feeling of love and acceptance.  Young people should take Styles’ messaging to heart so that  there will be a generation free of stereotypes, making life easy and fun for everyone.  Whether you’re at a Harry Styles concert or just watching his interviews and listening to his music, it provides a safe atmosphere for everyone.  With someone as influential as Styles is, his support for the not-so-typical trends is what helps inspire young generations to be brave and be themselves.