Repetition is a Ruse


Brooke Wattigney, Writer


Every year we see the same people as our homecoming princesses.  Every year we choose the same people. Many of us are used to the same homecoming princess so much that we normally know who it is before they even announce the winners, because they never change. Then, like clockwork, almost the same people are chosen again. It is ridiculous that so many people fall for the repetition of choosing the same people every year. 


It’s an honor to be chosen and for these people to be chosen every year takes away that feeling. At that point it’s more of a popularity contest. Many of the homecoming princesses feel honored to be chosen and I believe that yes that is a good thing, but then after being chosen every year it begins to be less of an honor and more of a duty. Instead we should choose people we feel are right to represent our school. 


I believe there is a way to change this. Buffalo Island needs a rule to stop the same people from being chosen every year. So here is my idea: seventh and eighth along with tenth and eleventh can only be voted once, and after you’ve been voted one of those years then you cannot be voted princess again. But in ninth and twelfth grade anyone can be voted princess so that everyone is able to win Queen. 

There was a time where the BIC junior High student council passed a similar rule. I was on the student council the year of 2019 when we voted, the majority voted yes. Why weren’t our voices heard? We may never know, but maybe it’s time we make a change?


I want to make a difference for our school. Many people should have a chance to be one of the princesses. I know too many people who have wanted it and didn’t get it because the same person from previous years got it again. Every. Single. Year. It’s the same. I think it’s time for a change, time for the new instead of the old.