Hutchinson Visits BIC


Erica Hurst

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson visited the Buffalo Island High School campus as part of his Computer Science for Arkansas tour.  His stay consisted of a meeting with a group of students to discuss computer science projects in our EAST class, a speech in front of the Mustang student body, and a video showcasing the importance of coding.


Governor Hutchinson was very impressed with the EAST projects that our students have been working on this year.


“I want to go around the state and say, ‘Look at what BIC is doing,’” Gov. Hutchinson said early in his speech.


One theme that Hutchinson made clear was the importance of coding.  According to workplaces the Governor has seen and advised, coding is becoming increasingly crucial.  He has seen manpower be replaced by machines, which leaves hundreds out of a job. The only way to stay in front of the curve, he says, is to make the machines.


His visit was well received by the students and administration.  The district is thankful to have had the honor of hosting one of his many stops on his tour.