Deck the Halls


Rebecca Stefl , Writer

Student council members of Buffalo Island Central decked the halls before the Christmas holiday by decorating the doors of teacher’s classrooms with festive designs. Along with brightening up the halls of BIC, the door decorating also serves as a contest among the student council members to see who can decorate the best door.


BIC teacher and student council advisor, Mrs. Julie Reeves explains, “the door decorating contest has previously been a tradition at the junior high for many years.  This year, Ms. Collins suggested we bring it back. We thought it would be fun and might help spread some Christmas cheer.”


Within days, the student council members were able to come up with ideas to decorate the doors for everyone to enjoy. We see the Grinch, Charlie Brown, and even a Chemistry themed “Chemistree” on the doors. These fun decorations encourage everyone to adopt some holiday cheer of their own.


Holiday door decorating is a beloved tradition here at BIC that brings joy to students and faculty alike, and we hope to continue it long into the future.