Change Drive


Destanie Shubert

Ten o’clock on an ordinary Thursday night, Nathan Atchley’s uncle said that he smelt something burning and went to check in the kitchen. In the kitchen, he found a fire and yelled for everyone to get out of the house. Nathan had no time to do anything but grab his baby brother and get to the other side of the road.


Not only did Nathan’s family lose almost all materialistic items in the fire, but it affected them in other ways too.


“It’s still hard to focus,” he said.  


Though it is a difficult adjustment, Nathan’s teachers have been diligent in helping him with his school work that he is having trouble with.


The Change Drive raised $150 for Nathan’s family. Not only did they collect change, but they also collected clothes and shoes.The money raised was also used to help purchase more clothes, a pair of headphones, and other necessities.


“I’m quite happy that it happened. It makes me feel good and kinda happy that they actually care about me and not as just a student. The probably did it because they saw a person who was in need and that person was me.”