BIC’s Own, We The Three


Photo Caption: Clark, Rhoades, and Stovall photoed in Chicago while attending a music conference.

Chloe Pierce, Writer

The world of music is ever changing.  New styles and artists emerge just as frequently as the internet can grasp them.  New material is released on a near-daily basis, which makes finding the gems amongst them a challenge.  Luckily, the real gems can be found in our own backyard.  Composed of BIC alumni Seth Stovall and Justin Rhoades, and a current BIC senior, Marshall Clark, We The Three is sure to be the next big thing.


To get the inside scoop on their musical venture, I spoke to senior  Marshall Clark.  “The three of us were originally in a band called Breakin’ the Sound Barrier with Lane Luther. Creatively we tried things for a little over a year but in the end we knew what was best so we cut it off. We picked up the pieces and coming out of it was something different. A new beginning. We The Three.” Clark explains.  “We started up this summer.  I sing, play the piano, ukulele, and I have started learning the guitar this summer.  Seth’s role is playing the good ol’ guitar and Justin’s role is playing the bass guitar.  If I could put it in words it would be an Alternative/Indie/Pop/Rock sound.”


With such a bold mixture of different genres, the band’s musical inspirations are even bolder.  “Rex Orange County is one of my biggest inspirations, his music makes me feel some type of way and gives me a good vibe every time I listen to him.”


Justin Rhoades, bassist, explains his inspiration, B.Keyz.  “His work ethic I really admire.”


Guitarist Seth Stovall’s inspiration is Wallows.  “Their music helps me feel like the best version of myself and I would love to make others feel that way with our music.” Stovall says.


Continuing, he describes a memorable trip the trio had taken.  “Last Christmas, we went to Chicago, Illinois for a music conference.  It was held in the Music Garage, which is a great home for studio space.  We met J Ivy, known to have a song with Kanye West.  We also met some people who were signed to Death Row Records, known for being founded by Dr. Dre.  The label has signed artists such as 2pac, Snoop Dogg, MC Hammer and many more.  The culture in Chicago is just different and we absolutely loved it!”


Thus far, the band has not played any venues.  Stovall and Rhoades, however, participated in the talent show when they were BIC students in 2019.  With the support of their community, this promising band will be sure to succeed.