Questions and answers in choir


Olevia Hughes

Kaytie Castanon poses a random question to her choir classmates each day.

Olevia Hughes

Kaytie Castanon writes a random question on the board every day in her seventh hour choir class.

“I started putting up the questions because I wanted to get to know Ms. Smith better,” Kaytie Castanon said. “This was her first year here and I wanted people to get to know her better without feeling awkward about it.”

“I like the questions, they are definitely fun,” Rachel McKuin said. “It’s nice to see that someone actually cares.”

Kaytie started writing the questions on the board so people would interact more and have fun with it. She didn’t quite know how far it would go. Almost every choir class gives their opinion or answer.

“The question of the day always gets people thinking creatively, they always want to choose something that someone else hasn’t already said,” Ms. Kate Smith said. “It helps me to see a different side to the kids and allows me to pick their brains on some subjects.”

Students at the school find some of Kaytie’s question, “uplifting,” or ,”rather random.” Kaytie’s question could range from, “What did you have for breakfast?” to, “How was your day?” This may not be much to some Kaytie but she makes people’s day sometimes by just making them laugh or maybe distracting them from something they are struggling with.

“I started doing this closer to the beginning of the year,” Kaytie said, “ and it has just took off from there.”