Lady Mustangs victorious at Bradford

ANA MEZA – Hoof Prints Staff

Last week, the Mustangs traveled to Bradford to play in the Bradford Invitational Tournament. Although the boys were eliminated after the first game, the girls went on to become the tournament champions.

The first game played by the girls was against White Country Central on Monday. The Lady Mustangs defeated WCC with a final score of 61-27. Holly Dempsey was the leading scorer of the game with 22 points.

To many, the second game was the heart-stopper. The girls played Midland with a close score throughout the game. The Lady Mustangs were down by one with three seconds in the final quarter. Brittney Fowler scored and placed the Mustangs in the lead by one. She was fouled and received a foul shot opportunity to boost the score by one. The final score was 65-63. Brittney Fowler was the leading scorer of the night with 45 points. She is now only four points away from breaking the school record, set by Jessica Shepard, of 48 points. A strong team player and previous leading scorer, Holly Dempsey, was hurt during this game but is expected to be in playing condition by next week.

The ladies advanced to the finals and played Pangburn on Saturday. The final score was 67-51 with Brittney Fowler as leading scorer. She scored 33 that night.

Coach Stan Fowler said, “I’m very proud of our big win and very proud of our big turn-around. We were 2-3 (earlier in the season) and have progressed to being 9-3. We struggled to find our roles at the beginning of the season but right now everything seems to be clicking well. We’ve won seven games in a row.” Furthermore, he stated that playing in invitational tournaments like this is a good thing for the team; it give the players a chance to play against bigger schools they usually never see. He also went on to say that he is very proud to have his team named fourth seed in the NEA tournament. “I’m nervous about the future games, but I’m excited too,” he said.