BIC Golf Team Gets Third Consecutive Championship


Caydn Qualls, Editor

The Buffalo Island Central boys golf team defended their reputation of excellence at the 2A golf state championship, returning to the island with their fourth victory.


Traveling two and half hours to the Conway Country Club, Andrew McFarlin, Canon Walling, Miles Gifford, and Andy Milligan arrived confidently, anxious to utilize the skills they have sharpened throughout the year.


“I was pretty confident, because I knew we had a good shot at winning. We practiced a lot this year,” said junior, Andy Milligan.


The boys began preparing on Monday with a practice round, in which they spent time perfecting form, strategies, and becoming comfortable with the course.


Teeing off at 9:00 on Tuesday, October 3rd, the boys worked diligently with every hole, earning the combined winning score for the third consecutive year.


Each boy contributed an impressive score to the combined 255, McFarlin earning a 91, Walling earning a 90, Gifford earning an 84, and Milligan earning one of the highest scores, an 81.


Because of his excellent score, Milligan competed in a playoff hole, tying for second in the 2A division.


“I’ve had to work hard, playing every day after school, as much as I can,” said Milligan.


He will also compete in the overall competition on the 12th of October at the Pleasant Valley Country Club, neck to neck with the top 21 golfers in the state.


Milligan will continue to work hard to maintain the legacy that has been left by those before him, including McFarlin, Walling, and Gifford, who will be graduating this year.


“I’ve made a lot of good memories over the years and have enjoyed the sport. We’ve worked hard and we hope to see that continue next year,” said senior, McFarlin.


After obtaining yet another victory, the team celebrated with a team dinner. Later, they were greeted upon returning home to the island by fireworks, the mayors from both Monette and Leachville, and the smiling faces of fellow students, faculty, and community members.