The positive side of a disaster

LORENA MARTINEZ – Hoof Prints Staff


Late on January 27, one of the biggest disasters experienced in Monette and surrounding cities was silently approaching. This ice storm was more than just a pleasant view, it came with catastrophic consequences.


Many people had to think ahead and manage to “stay warm and have plenty of food and water,” as Brittney Hawkins said. This natural disaster was the perfect time to bond with family. This may have been the only positive side of this disaster. How did many people manage to get closer as a family?


Without any electricity, many people were forced to do their share. Shawna Cole said, “Because there was no T.V., computer, or anything else to do, we all had to pitch in and help out with something.” Many families got closer because of the tragedies due to the ice storm, and others had family members spend the night. Not only did the bonding occur with siblings and parents, but also with cousins, aunts, uncles, and even grandparents.


As one can see, this natural disaster not only affected people materially, but also family wise. Everyone was affected and most say their family bonds have grown. Although Northeast Arkansas has had to deal with a great deal of problems caused by the 2009 ice storm, some good may have come out of it as well.