Student jobs impacted by ice storm

KAYLA STACY – Hoof Prints Staff

On Tuesday, January 27  BIC  students were in awe to find a winter wonderland in their front yard. Most students say it was beautiful in it’s own disastrous way; however other students disagree seeing as it effected their jobs.

Dacota Noyes stated that she had worked for 53 hours at Taco Bell. “Overtime was a major part of the reason why I wanted to work the extra hours, but I also just wanted to help out,” Noyes stated. She said she went in out of uniform because they needed help. “I was happy to help, although I kept falling everywhere because I wore my tennis shoes,” Noyes stated with a smile.

Allen Davis’ job was also affected. He stated Farmers Market had lost all electricity which meant no cash registers, but they didn’t let that stop them from opening their doors and letting the eager customers in one by one. The workers had to guide the customers around the store with flashlights for the safety of workers and to make sure no one shoplifted.

“Although we had to do transactions by calculators we sold a lot of things that we normally don’t sell. I was glad to get them out of the way,” Davis said with a sigh. Then he laughed and said, “People were even climbing in our dumpsters just to get the ice cream we had thrown away.”

Some students, however, couldn’t go in to work at all because of the storm. Micheal Miller’s job at Sonic didn’t go as well as he had hoped for. The ice storm had knocked Sonic’s electricity completely out and they couldn’t get generators. “It stunk!” is all he had to say about the experience.

Although the winter wonderland affected the jobs of the students they hung in there while it lasted. All they could do was hope for it all to be over with.