No frills, just skills

ALLIE GRISHAM – Hoof Prints Staff

Most, if not all, students and teachers were subject to the harsh winter weather. Almost all were without electricity for some period of time. Due to the lack of power, students had to learn to do everyday activities under very unusual circumstances.

“I learned how to make pan popcorn and skillfully avoid my parents,” stated senior, Harley Damron. Mrs. Tricia Brightwell said, “I learned how to keep calm while driving under falling ice, and I learned how to convert an outdoor box grill into a refrigerator!”

Most students said they missed lighting and heat the most. “I don’t know how many times I flicked the light switch!” said Mr. Lynn Smith. “I did that a ton!” agreed Lindsay Rice.

While some students worried about heat, others worried more about food. Whitlee Rolland said, “I learned how to make good scrambled eggs on a barbecue grill!” “I learned how  to cook over an open fire and that whenever your ice maker stops working you should just go outside and grab some,” said Joslyn Key.

For some people, the lack of electricity was not that big of a deal. Mr. Steve Brummett said, “I didn’t learn any new skills. I just used the ancient ones I already knew.”

The water was also shut off for a period of time in Monette, making conditions even more unbearable. Ashley Sims said, “I stayed all week at Allie’s because she had water and electricity. I seriously wasn’t home for about five days!” Not all students were so lucky.

Many students and teachers are still out of electricity and are finding ways to cope with everyday activities. Life has been turned topsy-turvy for many and it could take as many as two more weeks to get things back to normal.

Although the past two weeks have been hard, some good has come of this. With the disastrous winter storm behind us, students and teachers alike are discovering the skills they have developed.