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Cell phones and Internet: A luxury or a necessity?

February 13, 2009

ASHLEY LADD - Hoof Prints Staff Living in this generation, it is a rare sight to see someone without a cell phone permanently clutched to their hand or to not hear someone gossiping about what they saw on Facebook the night before. Duri...

The positive side of a disaster

February 13, 2009

LORENA MARTINEZ - Hoof Prints Staff   Late on January 27, one of the biggest disasters experienced in Monette and surrounding cities was silently approaching. This ice storm was more than just a pleasant view, it came with catastroph...

No frills, just skills

February 12, 2009

ALLIE GRISHAM - Hoof Prints Staff Most, if not all, students and teachers were subject to the harsh winter weather. Almost all were without electricity for some period of time. Due to the lack of power, students had to learn t...

Student jobs impacted by ice storm

February 10, 2009

KAYLA STACY - Hoof Prints Staff On Tuesday, January 27  BIC  students were in awe to find a winter wonderland in their front yard. Most students say it was beautiful in it’s own disastrous way; however other students disagre...

Escape the fate

February 6, 2009

JOSLYN KEY - Hoof Prints Staff   As a result of last week’s winter blast, many people continue to stick out the pains of no electricity and no hot water. Others, however, with the resources necessary for such an escape did ...

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