Escape the fate

JOSLYN KEY – Hoof Prints Staff


As a result of last week’s winter blast, many people continue to stick out the pains of no electricity and no hot water. Others, however, with the resources necessary for such an escape did just that. Students and teachers alike have found ways to remain sane. 


Junior D.J. Reed confesses his family stood the darkness for two days then finally he thought he had been through enough. Reed went to his aunt’s house in Jonesboro where he stayed for two days with complete resources including electricity and hot running water.  After staying at his aunt’s, his family relieved her by staying the remaining two days of their pain at Park Place Inn.


On Wednesday morning senior Corie Flannigan woke to no electricity and both parents gone to work. Flannigan decided to call around for favors to see if she could find some place to go. After she had found a place to stay she realized her Tahoe was trapped in the garage. She called in trusty friend and fellow senior Allen Davis. He came and got Flannigan and took her back to his house where they played the card game Uno and stuffed themselves with snacks before her dad came to pick her up.

After working on the generator for about 30 minutes, she prepared her bags to stay in Memphis until everything back home had returned to its regular schedules. Luckily, Flannigan’s parents own a condo in Memphis, which was never without power during the storm.


Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Smith are currently without hot water and electricity. Smith said his means of heat is one gas log that burns in the living room of their home. As of now they are dividing their time between their home and their daughter’s home in Jonesboro.  Jonesboro provides food and baths, neither of which most couldn’t live without daily.


The lack of power and hot water in most cases is definitely not easy to handle. “You try it!” stated Smith. Somehow we make it through natural disasters like these and escape the fate.