Helping Haiti with liplocked livestock

Mrs. Tricia Brightwell attempts to get away from the goat after kissing it for the Student Council’s Haiti fundraiser.

BIANCA GARCIA – Hoof Prints Staff

Three weeks ago the Student Council wanted to give out a helping hand toward Haiti. The Council held a meeting during lunch to brainstorm ideas to raise money. After coming up with ideas, Colby Qualls and Jenna Pike came up with the best idea. Their idea was a “Kiss the Pig” contest.

The contest consisted of these simple rules. Some Student Council members were each given envelopes with teachers’ names on them. The members would go around the school and ask students to put money in a certain teacher’s envelope. The teacher that had the most money in his envelope was to kiss the pig.

After all the money in the envelopes was counted up, Mrs. Tricia Brightwell’s envelope had the most money. Before Mrs. Brightwell had to kiss the pig, the student council had to find one. Since they didn’t find a pig, it was changed to “Kiss the Goat.”

On February 22, Mrs. Brightwell kissed the goat in front of the high school students during lunch. At first, Mrs. Brightwell had to put lipstick on the goat, and then kiss the goat on the lips. The students complained and said that she didn’t kiss the goat, so she had to kiss the goat a second time.

“It was disturbing. I was afraid that the goat was going to bite me, because it was afraid of me,” Mrs. Brightwell said. “I think the goat wanted to kiss me as much as I wanted to kiss it.”