Rambling about rules

MORGAN BARNES – Hoof Prints Staff

Homecoming week is the one week out of the school year that students can dress and act silly with their fellow classmates without getting in trouble. Even though exciting activities such as the wacky olympics take place, there must be some sort of order to the process.

In order to get everyone involved in the activities, I believe students should only be allowed to participate in two activities as well as two talent show or lip sync acts. Homecoming week is supposed to be an enjoyable week for all students. However, in order for everyone to enjoy it they must participate.

Entire classes are supposed to compete against each other, not just a select few students from each grade. Each year this seems to be a problem. A select few people from each class want to participate in more than the allowed number of activities in order to fill up the required spots. This only happens because their classmates will not volunteer to participate.

I greatly enjoy homecoming week myself. I mean, who wouldn’t? Everyone gets out of class several times during that week. I would think if people enjoy getting out of class, they would participate. However, if people do not want to participate in homecoming activities, maybe they should be canceled and everyone stay in class.

Our student body needs to learn to work together as a team to solve problems and get tasks completed. That would not only help them during homecoming week but also in their future careers. In that case, I believe if students do not show an improvement soon, the activities should be canceled until classes can work together and participate in activities as they should.