Mustangs fall short at Ridgefield

MADISON FINCH – Hoof Prints Staff

On Thursday, Oct. 27, the senior boys B team played the Ridgefield Christian Academy Warriors following the junior high A and B teams.

Because the senior high schedule had already reached their maximum A games allowed for the season, it was necessary to start the B team. The starters were Drey Crabtree, James Tate, Josh McCormick, Josh Freeman and Alex Field. Despite the change in the Mustang starting players, Ridgefield consistently played their starting five.

It was a fight throughout the whole game. The boys played a tiresome game and gave it their all. Throughout the game, Coach Eoff was able to alternate his starting five (Brandon Atkeison, Heath Hawkins, Ben Cole, Brent Ray and Daniel Davis). In the end, however; they couldn’t pull it off. They were up against three starting boys who were over six foot, and  Ridgefield also had the home team advantage.

Every player contributed to the statistics, but James Tate was the high scorer for Thursday night’s game with 14 points. Freeman and Atkeison both scored four points while Crabtree, Field, McCormick and Davis also contributed to the final score.

The beginning of the game was very close. After the first buzzer, the score was six to 14.The mandatory running in this game took its toll on the players in the second quarter. At half time, the boys were losing 11 to 24.  Ridgefield refused to take out their starting players, so the score continued to rise. The third quarter ended with the score 18 to 37. During the last few minutes of the game, Ridgefield played their substitutes. The final score of the night was 34 to 47.

“The way I see it, it was only practice. I look forward to many wins in the future,” teammate, Forrest Robinson said.

The next home game will be Nov. 9 against Manila.