Brandon Decker

Community veterans featured this week


Camden Metheny

Brandon Decker is the husband of West Elementary first grade teacher Stephanie Decker and a BIC graduate.

Stephanie Atchley and Shyla Clayton


“ I joined in July ‘99 right out of high school and served until July 2004.  I served in the Marines for five years and got out as a sergeant.  Aviation electronics technician is what it was considered. Some of the benefits of it, I would say, were definitely leadership, team work, a lot pride and self confidence that you definitely learn and build upon.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.  I have a good job now working as a supervisor at Entergy.  

“I did serve overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom and  Operation Enduring Freedom, so I served aboard the USS Baton.  I also served aboard the USS Wasp. I spent time in the countries Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey, Spain and Greece. It is a different culture.  

“I did enjoy getting paid to go see a lot of those things.  On the first cruise, it wasn’t quite as enjoyable.  We spent four months straight without stepping foot on land, so that’s a little bit different and takes a little getting used to, but it’s definitely an experience.  

“It has been nothing but a benefit. I’ve got four friends that I still talk to today. It teaches you a lot about understanding, life, and what we have here in the states, and what they don’t have over there that we take for granted daily.

“We have been to places where running water alone was something that they didn’t have.  They brought water on pallets. Showers were from big holding containers that caught rain. Sandstorms would come through at noon that make it as dark as night. You’ve got different obstacles there that we don’t have here.   

“It does provide more pride to understand what you went through and what others went through. You have some who look at it more as a boastful arrogance, and I don’t go for that. You know, it’s called a service. You are there to serve. You are not there to be served, so I don’t really like it when people try to put themselves on a pedestal because they have served. It does come with a certain amount of respect, but you signed the paper to do it, so you shouldn’t expect anything extra in return.

“I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without it.  Every job interview that I have been on since I’ve got out, it has been the highlight of the resume.  I would do it again, and I wouldn’t change anything.”