Island Inhabitants: Christa Worthey


Emery Green

“I have followed Center Stage Productions for a while now and I saw that they had upcoming auditions for ‘High School Musical.’ I was really intrigued since I had been in BIC’s production of High School Musical. This gave me a new window to meet other like minded people outside of my school’s theater program. I was also extremely excited to play Kelsi and to bring the role to life with her being a completely different role for me then the first ‘High School Musical’ production I partook in.  Getting to work with different producers, directors, and choreographers was 110% one of the best decisions I have ever made for my career. I am hoping to get to work in Center Stage Productions next kids show. As for BIC’s soon to be performances, I am excited to get to take all the memories I’ve made and will take them with me wherever I go.”