Ed Young

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Shyla Clayton

Ed Young of Leachville

Shyla Clayton


“I joined the Army in January of 1964. I was in for three years. I was never in a combat zone. I spent three years in Germany.

“My MOS for the military was Heavy Weapons Infantry. I was attached to an armored battalion, which was tanks. Our main job  was to support those tanks. We would fire illumination for tanks at night, when they were fighting for night in the training program. These rounds would go off in the air and a parachute would hold them to illuminate targets for the tank.

“While I was at Germany I missed America so much. I joined the army on a buddy plan, but due to an accident my buddy wasn’t able to join. So I went to Germany by myself, I was nervous about that because I was an Arkansas boy. I’d never been anywhere. I remember sitting on the back of that ship watching the water roll as I was leaving thinking, ‘I can’t even hitchhike home from where I’m going. I am stuck there for three years.’ So for about a year I moped around and didn’t wanna do anything. When finally my friends said I have to get out. That’s when I started going down town trying to see Europe. I really enjoyed my time in Germany after that. I decided I can’t go home so make the best of this.

“The Army was a great experience for me. I’d go back and do it again. It was one of the best experiences one can ever have. The fact that I was never in combat and I am not plagued with the memories that so many are. It is just a plus. It was a learning experience and it helped me grow up so much.”