Athletes, coaches gear up for Mustang Madness


Coach Garrett Eoff confers with Josh Freeman during a recent practice.

COLBY QUALLS – Hoof Prints Staff

With Mustang Madness only days away, many students are in a frenzy. Some even claim it’s hard to believe that it is almost Oct. 16 already.

“I am so pumped for Mustang Madness,” Kalee James said. “I’m so glad basketball season is just right around the corner. I believe our girls’ team is going to be really good this year. And we are all ready to show everyone what we’re made of.”

James believes it will be a tough match-up on Friday, but she sees it as more than just a competition. “I hope to improve our team skills, to get confidence about the season, and to show everyone that the girls are back in town,” James said.

This year, there has been some talk about the girls’ basketball team having the opportunity to win the state title. It is no secret that the boys’ teams have won four state titles within the past two decades. Some have claimed this may just be the year for the girls to win their own title. James didn’t really deny that there is that possibility nor did she affirm it. “If we stay focused, I believe we could go far,” James said.

The excitement didn’t just pertain to the girls’ team; the boys’ team was also enthused that the season was about to begin. “They’re pretty much counting down the days until our first game,” Drew Berry said. “I’m anxious to see how well they all will work as a team.”

Drew was a little disappointed about his predicament though. He will not be one of the players on the court for Mustang Madness. “I’m not going to be playing because of my surgery. I can’t start back until the end of the month,” Berry said.

The ball players aren’t the only athletes that have been preparing for this momentous day for many Mustangs. The cheerleaders have also been awaiting this day. “I am excited. It’s the kickoff of the season and it gets everyone pumped up,” Madison Finch said.

The cheerleaders have faced their own trials during this pre-season. “I think we are prepared considering the injuries we have dealt with,” Finch said. “I tore a tendon in my foot and was in a cast for a month, and Lindsay Pittman tore ligaments and was out for a week or two.”

Finch said she believes the crowd will love the whole routine that is planned. They will even have a little help from elementary girls that attended the cheer clinic over the weekend. “The crowd reacts well to music, and they love the little girls so I think the crowd will be really excited about the season by the end of the night,” Finch said.

Mustang Madness this year may even be a new experience. As of the end of last year, Coach Stan Fowler was appointed as the new athletic director. Mustang Madness is now one of his primary responsibilities. One of the changes this year compared to last year is that there will not be a seventh grade girls’ game, but an extended junior girls’ game. With all of these games happening after school, Coach Fowler had to try his best to provide enough time for each.

Coach Fowler has always supported Mustang Madness. He sees it as fundamental for the teams. “It’s good for kids to put on uniforms and play, to get out the nerves,” Coach Fowler said. “It also brings a lot of interest in the Mustang Club.”

Coach Fowler hopes the games will be close, but at the same time he wasn’t too worried. “Doesn’t matter, my teams will beat Coach Cossey’s (team),” Fowler said. Coach Cossey accepted the challenge. “Bring it on,” Cossey said.