A different type of student test anxiety

Faith in our students, not a few tests

JILLIAN KEY – Hoof Prints Staff

Waiting in the hallway in line for the bathroom.  A few people.  A lot of nerves.  What’s that?  Time for drug testing.

A few times throughout the year, about four or five students are called to the office to be drug tested. Then, you are required to sign a form showing that you agree to be tested.  It is often argued that all students should be tested, instead of just a few. But I disagree. I think that all students do not have to be tested once a year.

When random people are chosen to be drug tested, it takes up to a whole day, even if only a few are chosen. It would be more time consuming than it already is if all students got pulled out of class. It could take up to a whole week, or longer. I think it is a good idea to keep the drug tests the way they are because no one expects it.

If all students were to be tested, it would be expected, meaning that students could find ways to “beat out” the drug tests.  When it is expected, you have to go to the office immediately and you do not have time to find a way to cheat your way past the drug test.

The price of drug testing varies according to the type of test and the drugs involved, but the tests generally cost from $10 to $30 per test. This would be too much of an inconvenience to purchase around 170 drug tests for our high school.

I do not think all students should be drug tested.  I think they should keep the system as they always have, by keeping it at random.

Drug testing – consider the possibilities, accept the consequences

RACHEL SIMMONS – Hoof Prints Staff

Over half of the basketball team suspended. Three members of FBLA expelled. Five students are all that’s left in second period agri. These are just a few of many possibilities that could occur if all students are not randomly drug tested at least once a year.

Students and administrators should think about the consequences of using drugs. They should then think about the best solution in preventing these consequences. Then, they might all agree that every person in the student body should be randomly drug tested at least once a year.

The average age for a teen’s first time to use drugs is 13. Over 50% of high school seniors have tried drugs and over 33% have tried a drug other than marijuana. Nearly one in 16 teenagers has tried some form of cocaine.

Some students make a joke out of drugs. They use slang words and nicknames to disguise their bad habits. They need to realize that drugs are no joke. They are life threatening and a very serious matter.

Though some might argue that drug testing would violate their rights as a student and a citizen, it is only trying to improve people’s lives. Students should realize they’re only hurting themselves and their peers by rejecting the tests. I think random drug testing on every student, once a year, should be mandatory.