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Ninjas terrify ASU

Stephanie Atchley

February 21, 2016

On February 14, texts were sent out to students alerting them that two armed men were on the Arkansas State University campus at about 2 pm. Later, another text was sent out, saying that it was three men, instead of two. A...

Governors lack humanity on Syrian issue

Stephanie Atchley

December 7, 2015

Millions of Syrian refugees are having to flee their homes in order to attain safety, to get away from violence, and to keep their children safe. President Obama has come up with a plan to relocate 15,000 refugees into the U....

Viral video shows misguided response from officer

Stephanie Atchley

November 3, 2015

Recently, a video has gone viral of a 16-year-old girl being pulled out of her desk and thrown several feet in the classroom by the school’s resource officer. The reason that the officer was asked to take the girl out of he...

Carter should be held responsible

Shyla Clayton

September 22, 2015

Michelle Carter, 18, is being charged with involuntary manslaughter for encouraging her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to commit suicide. She has yet to receive punishment for such an awful act.

Muslim student’s treatment highlights racial prejudices

Stephanie Atchley

September 18, 2015

You often hear that prejudices are a thing of the past, but they are still showing all around the world to different races and religions. One person who is facing this problem right now is Ahmed Mohamed. Mohamed, a Muslim 14 year old high school student in Texas, brought a clock that he made out of a pencil case to school to show his teacher. Instead of his teacher being impressed over his creation, the teacher thought that it was a bomb. This lead to Mohamed being arrested and suspended from school for three days.

Mustangs remember 9/11

Mustangs remember 9/11

September 12, 2011

Arkansas lottery may prove lucky for students

October 12, 2009

MADISON FINCH – Hoof Prints Staff For years, adults have been trying their luck with lottery tickets. Now, Arkansas proudly sells these tickets for the first time. Not only is this affecting the state, but it is also affecting...

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