Arkansas lottery may prove lucky for students

MADISON FINCH – Hoof Prints Staff

For years, adults have been trying their luck with lottery tickets. Now, Arkansas proudly sells these tickets for the first time. Not only is this affecting the state, but it is also affecting BIC students.

The Arkansas lottery is awarding qualifying students a scholarship. According to Doris Willyerd, high school counselor, this scholarship has taken the place of the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship. It is not yet known how much the scholarship fund will hold, but it is predicted to accumulate around $400 million annually.

Mrs. Willyerd will be attending a meeting held by The Arkansas Department of Education on Thursday, Oct. 15, to learn more about the lottery scholarship program. Similar to the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship, it isn’t competitive. Every student that meets the qualifications and sends in an application will receive the scholarship.

Monday, Sept. 28, was the first day tickets were sold. The first ticket was sold at 12:01 a.m. By 2 p.m. that same day, $250,000 worth of prizes had already been paid out.

Because the legal buying age is 18, only certain seniors are eligible to purchase these tickets.

“Once I turn 18, I will definitely buy lottery tickets,” Dalton Womack, senior, said. He believes that the lottery is a great way for students to receive money to further their education.

“I will buy lottery tickets to help out the cause, but I don’t consider myself very lucky,” Troy Matthews, senior, said. Even though some students don’t believe they will receive any money from the lottery scholarships, they still want to contribute to the fund for the lucky recipients.

Matthews also said that he has heard many of his classmates discuss the financial obligations of college. “I believe this scholarship is a great way to fund those who really need the help,” Matthews said.