“Warm Bodies” date movie for everyone



GREYDON WILLIAMS – Hoof Prints Staff

“Warm Bodies,” directed by Johnathan Levine, is the newest “date” movie. Nicholas Hoult stars as R alongside Teresa Palmer as Julie Grigio and John Malkovich as Colonel Grigio. The movie is based off a book by Isaac Marion.

In the film the zombie R is not like other zombies. He, like many other members of the undead, stays at the airport. He and his zombie friends decide to go into the city to look for tasty brains, while the human resistance sends search parties out into the unguarded portion of the city.

Julie(the Colonel’s daughter) and her friends go into a pharmacy to look for medicines. While they are there the zombies break in and attack everyone they see, but R spares Julie and takes her back to the airport. What will become of Julie?

This romantic “zombedy” has a Romeo and Juliet plot as neither of the two characters should be allowed to be together. Even the similarity in the names and references are comical and give you a good laugh if you understand them.

Warm Bodies  was funny and entertaining to watch. This is a film where those who enjoy a comical love story and those who enjoy zombies can both watch and share a laugh.