The dilemma about dances

Dances an important part of high school life

MADISON FINCH – Hoof Prints Staff

When I was in junior high, I always looked forward to the school dance after homecoming. I felt safe and it was good, clean fun. Now, I feel that our school is leaning toward foregoing these dances.

It has been four years since the senior high had a dance. The excuse is that senior high students can drive and that they’d rather take themselves to Jonesboro than stay in Monette at a school function.

I think that there should be at least one dance per year for each campus. I believe that it is a rite of passage as well as a safe way to have tons of fun! Teachers, parents and other adults are always concerned about the safety of youth. This would be two times a year that the kids would have to drive and take the risk of being injured. It would also take away the option to drink.

This dance wouldn’t have to be mandatory. If a student wanted to enjoy themselves around their classmates and other friends, they could, but anyone who didn’t want to join could make their own plans.

Many people say they don’t like dances because they can’t have their cell phones. I don’t understand this. If students need to talk to anyone from their school, they could just talk to them in person. If they had a friend from another school, they are allowed to invite them to the dance as well. Students are able to interact with anyone they need.

This would also make it easier on the students’ parents. After homecoming, they wouldn’t have to take their junior high children to eat or to “hang out” in Jonesboro. This would be much less tiring for everyone.

It is obvious to me that school dances are a tradition that should continue to be practiced at BIC It ensures students’ safety while also encouraging clean fun. I believe all students deserve to have dances in junior and senior high.

Dances an outdated ritual

ANA MEZA – Hoof Prints Staff

Several years ago, school sponsored dances were the social highlight of the year. Homecoming and Valentine dances were the most popular. Over time, though, their popularity has decreased. This leads me to believe that school dances are now outdated.

Some time ago, homecoming dances were viewed as a necessity for both junior and senior high. In recent years, however, high school’s Student Council decided to permanently cancel the senior high dance. Student Council ruled that the homecoming dance was not at all necessary. It was deemed a waste of time and money.

It seems to me that many high school students no longer think of homecoming dances as the social gathering of the season.  It is also no longer “cool” for high school seniors to be seen dancing at junior high’s dance.  Homecoming dances may be a rite of passage for some, but they are outdated for many.

Not only have dances become outdated, they have become more of a bother than a joy. The school or class sponsoring the dance must find a way to earn enough money to pay for a professional disc jockey. This money could be better used on something else. Also, they must find metal detectors to use at the entrance. All cell phones must be picked up and looked after. Then, extra help must be found to chaperone the dances. Heaven forbid that only one adult is present. Lastly, the adults present must keep vigilant. They must keep an ear out for inappropriate songs, language and behavior.

When you consider all of the negative aspects of the dances, it becomes obvious that hosting a dance is not worth it. In my opinion, the council made wise decision.