Teacher-student Facebook relationships examined

Facebook friendships harmless fun

MEGAN MISNER – Hoof Prints Staff

In the last few years, there has been more talk about Facebook. Facebook has become a social network for not only children, but also adults. As as result, both students and teachers have Facebook. Many people have brought up the issue that teacher-student friendships on Facebook should not be allowed, but I disagree.

I do not see the harm in these types of friendships. The only time it becomes a problem is when the student oversteps boundaries. This problem; however, could occur between any two people. For example, a teacher could post inappropriate things on the other teacher’s wall just as easily as the student. Anyone could post anything so why do people just assume that only students will do that?

Also, being Facebook friends will not change the student-teacher relationship. Most students do not lose respect for their teachers and begin to view them as a friend because of Facebook. Usually students view teachers as friends by the way they act in the classroom. Most students only talk to teachers on Facebook because they joke around in class like they are friends. So I disagree that the loss of respect is due to Facebook. If you just watched the students and teachers for a week, you will see where the real problem lies.

All in all, I believe that a Facebook friendship is not an issue. Maybe things are said on Facebook, but that is because the teacher has made the student feel like a friend. Facebook is just complained about because it is open for basically anyone to see and some teachers don’t want others to see what students say to them. That problem; however, is a problem with authority that is at fault of the teacher. Therefore, Facebook friendships, in my opinion, should be allowed.

Teachers and students asking for trouble

BIANCA GARCIA – Hoof Prints Staff

Before I start informing you about my views, I want to get one thing straight. Facebook is one of the most popular websites that almost everyone uses, from grandparents to five-year-olds. Since a lot of people use this website I don’t  think that there should be restrictions concerning who can use Facebook.

Over the past years, many teachers have been disciplined for having a relationship on Facebook with their students. There are also many people that want to stop this or parents that want to protect their children. One place to start would be not to let teachers have students as friends on Facebook.

Allowing teachers to have friends on Facebook that are students is definitely not a good idea. My reasoning is that an inappropriate relationship with students can be formed. The students will more than likely take advantage of the teachers.

First off, allowing teachers to have students as friends on Facebook is an easy way to start a relationship. Facebook offers many ways of communication such as chat, messaging or writing on someone’s wall. By having these tools in front of them, a student or teacher could choose to talk about anything that pleases them in a way that nobody else could see. So by not letting teachers or students have each other as friends on Facebook, inappropriate relationships would not be formed.

Also, if the two are friends on Facebook students would come to the conclusion that since they’re friends on Facebook, then they can be friends with them at school, leading the students taking advantage of the teachers. There should be a boundary line between a students and a teacher. Having each other as friends on Facebook breaks that boundary.

They should not be Facebook friends because one of them may have personal information posted on Facebook that they don’t want a student or teacher to see. For example, a teacher may have a picture of them with an alcoholic drink. It’s okay for them to have that because they are of age, but they might not want students to see.

Teachers should not have students as friends on Facebook because too many problems can get started.