Students, teachers share thoughts on vote

New schools to be constructed


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Architect’s rendering of the proposed 7-12 building that will be located in Monette

Yesterday the district patrons overwhelmingly voted to approve the millage increase proposed by the board in order to generate funds for new buildings on both campuses. The vote was 669 to 434 in favor of the proposed seven mill increase. Hoof Prints staff members asked students and teachers how they felt about the passage of the millage. 

“I feel like the millage passing is such a good thing. Our school has a lot of issues, like so many students having to walk outside for classes and the junior high flooding when it rains much. Seeing our community be willing to compromise for the students our school is so humbling.” McCrae Miller, senior

“I feel that it is great for the preservation of our community. It took the community getting factual information before they were willing to vote yes. I think the people realized some changes had to be made in order for our community to have a chance to improve. The curriculum for the elementaries can all be aligned now and the grades will not be separated.” Mandy McFall, science teacher

“As a whole, I think it’s going to be good because we’re going to have a better facility for our teachers to work at and our kids probably won’t get as sick as much because we do have faults in our school that cause a lot of sickness like the mold and leaking in the Jr. High. Yes, I think the millage being passed was a good thing for our school, but also no, for the many memories have made in those schools that are going to be torn down. I mean, I spent my whole childhood there and didn’t think it would be fair for them to tear it down and for some of my childhood memories to be lost. If I had a chance to vote, I would have voted no because of higher taxes. We could have easily spent not even half the money that we’re wanting to raise to fix up all the old buildings. But, I’m happy for our school because we’re growing as a school and that’s a good thing. ” Hailey Turner, sophomore

“I was very, very excited upon the passing of the millage. This will have a tremendous affect on our school because all of our kids are going to be able to go to new facilities and have better everything. Better facilities, better opportunities for things like science labs and full time access to a library. It’s going to affect everybody. ” Melinda Wells, librarian

Architect's rendering of the proposed K-6 building that will be located in Leachville
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Architect’s rendering of the proposed K-6 building which will be located in Leachville

“I think it’s great that we are gonna be able to get a new school. I think’s gonna make great opportunities for all the students at BIC to further their career. I’m super excited and I can’t wait for it, but it I’m kinda sad that we won’t be here for it.” Avery Uthoff, junior

“I think it’s great! I wanna have a new school, I wanna have my own classroom. I’m so super excited, not as much as Mrs. McFall I don’t think, but I’m pumped.” Stephanie Woods, science teacher

“The millage passing was just what we needed. Our school was still in the Stone Age when it comes to building wise.  This new school will put us back on top.  With this new school, the tables have turned in our favor.” Dax Hurst, junior

“I am really excited for the new school. I may not be able to experience it but all the children in elementary will be able to experience the new school, and be able to have more opportunities. The kids will also be able to avoid the mold infested Junior High which is a terrible thing. I just think this is a great opportunity for us.” Morgan Tibbs, junior

“I am excited that it passed this time. We really needed a new school. I think it’s going to make a major difference not only in education here at BIC, but I think it will draw more people into the community.” Julie Hatch, history teacher

“I was a yes because whenever I was in 2nd grade, they needed to be rebuilt and it’s not just for me.  It’s for the future BIC Mustangs that are going to go through and graduate from BIC.  I didn’t want to look back when I was older and see that there isn’t a Buffalo Island Central school district anymore.  I want to show my kids someday where I grew up and what molded me into who I am today.   My first thought was we finally get to start new! Well, my reaction was at the game, BIC vs Riverside, and they announced that we are getting a new school and everyone on the BIC side started cheering and screaming.  It was a very exciting moment.  Some people thought we were cheering for the game, but little did they know we were getting a new school!” Makayla Rogers, junior

“I was a yes.  Well, I am in an interesting position because I don’t live in Monette or Leachville, so I wasn’t actually able to vote, but I was yes, mainly because of you guys, the students. You deserve a good facility. You deserve to have what the other surrounding school districts have, and I just felt like you would have more opportunities with that kind of place, and you work so hard. You deserved it. I did hear about it passing. I cried. I just got really emotional about it, in a good way. I was just so excited for you guys.” Molly Delp, English teacher

“I’m very pleased with the outcome of the vote. It was fair, and I feel like it will meet the needs of both communities and the students.  Speaking for myself, there are a lot of problems it will repair.  My sink at the junior high will leak and get clogged up, and the student lounge at the junior high fills up with water every time it rains. It’s going to save the school a lot of money, and the teachers won’t lose time traveling between campuses. I think If we hadn’t done something, our enrollment would have dropped.” Carol Hamrick, art teacher

“I was for the millage because the students of BIC really needed a new school and for the preservation of our community. Even though I’m a senior and getting a new school won’t affect me, I recognize that the students deserve a better learning environment. When I found out it passed, I was ecstatic.I was at the basketball game last night when Mr. Taylor announced “We won!” and everyone in the stands went wild and was cheering loudly, and I felt like I was part of something that was on top of the world.” Katherine Cotton

“I was for the millage. I feel that it will not only improve buildings but also give access to kids for a better learning environment. The junior high was horrid. The sidewalks are horrid. I have tried taking my son in his wheelchair, and if he weren’t strapped in, he’d fall out because the sidewalks are just so bad. It puts all the kids from each grade in one central place so that they can all be on the same learning styles and get to know each other better. As a parent, I believe it would be safer and be a better learning environment for my children. After I found out it passed, I was pretty shocked because I really didn’t think it would because of the negativity but I was very pleased.” Lisa Hughes, resource teacher

“I voted yes. Our kids deserve it, and they need a better place to provide an education. I did a happy dance when it passed.” Stephanie Decker, elementary teacher

“In my opinion, I don’t think that we need a new school. You can learn anywhere, it’s how you’re taught. I feel like it was going to happen one way or another, and if it makes them happy, let them have it.” Hunter Drury, senior