Should seniors have a monopoly on the crown?

Homecoming Queen:  really what the school chose?

BIANCA GARCIA – Hoof Prints Staff

To stick with tradition or not? That is the question. This year homecoming has made some major changes that have veered from tradition. So why not go full out and change the whole presentation? I think it’s time to set a new mark and start something new in itself.

I think the last thing left of a new beginning for homecoming is that all nine princesses should be eligible to become queen. The classes will still vote for three princesses, but at the end the crown will be up for grabs. It won’t be restricted for just senior princesses.

I think the queen should be the one who best represents the school. This best representative could be from any grade though. However, I think the students care less about that and just vote for the person they like the best, most popular or they just vote for the person because their friend did. By having the nine princesses eligible, the student body will be able to vote for who they like best. For example, if the student body didn’t want to vote for a senior like they had to in the past, now they have the opportunity not to.

On some occasions, it’s possible that none of the senior princesses are truly deserving of the crown. All three of those princesses are nominated solely by the senior class leaving the other grades out of the process. Having all three grades in the nominating process for queen would make the actual queen represent the whole school instead of the select seniors.

I’m not saying that seniors shouldn’t get queen. However, the students had the chance to pick three princesses for each grade, so they should still have the chance to pick them for queen. Although the votes may be more divided for queen, this may actually surprise people on who will become queen. By just voting for three candidates for queen, everyone practically knows who will be queen. It’s no big secret or a shock to the student body. This new rule will help shock the audience and maybe the queen will show some emotion other than a smile because they already knew they were getting the crown.

It’s simple. I think we need to start a new tradition that all princesses are eligible for queen.

Seniors have seniority

JILLIAN KEY – Hoof Prints Staff

A trivial question that has arisen recently is “should a senior be the only option as queen?” My answer, yes.

Seniors have been here the longest and as their last year of having the honor to be nominated as a princess, they should also exclusively have the honor to be queen. Sophomores and juniors have a few years to become princess again and have the possibility of becoming queen. That will be one of their last high school highlights while sophomores and juniors still have time to make high school memories.

Homecoming has had a dramatic change this year anyway. Too many changes could infuriate people. Personally, I believe that we should take traditions more importantly. Why change something just for the sake of it? We have not had people complain about the queen concept before, so it shouldn’t even be an issue.

Also, I believe that the sophomores and juniors simply are not ready for the crown. The seniors are generally more mature and polished. They are what a queen should represent. They are the calm, elegant and confident seniority. Walking through a hallway in high school a person can easily identify who is a senior girl and who is not even without knowing ages. It can be told from the way they carry themselves. Generally people think of the queen to be older than princesses. As I said before, sophomores and juniors simply aren’t ready to wear the crown.