Semester test exemption policy examined

Exemptions reward hard work

MEGAN MISNER – Hoof Prints Staff

Semester tests greatly affect a student’s grade. They account for one-fifth of their total for the semester. This test is required if the student has failed, has a “C” with more than three absences, an “A” or “B” with more than five absences or more than six tardies. I understand requiring those who received a “D” or “F” in that class to take the semester test, but I do not see why those who have passed could be forced to take the test.

I believe that if the student is passing the class, it shouldn’t matter their amount of absences or tardies. The student has apparently worked hard all year to earn a passing grade. I believe that by passing, the student has proven that he has learned the material required of that semester.

Semester tests are very difficult and require a lot of studying. I view this as a punishment. I know most students dread the semester test; they find them very frightening. I believe that this puts a large amount of stress on the student and they are unable to perform to the best of their ability.

Say that a student had a 92 average the first nine-weeks, a 90 average the second nine-weeks and receive an 80 on the semester test. That student’s semester average is now a “B” because of one test that they didn’t do well on. If they weren’t required to take the test, they would still have a 91 average for the semester. This goes for any student. One test could cause their grade to lower by a full letter grade. Fortunately, it can help as well. That’s why I believe that students who fail should take it because it could really help them if they study, but there is no reason for someone with a high grade to suffer because of one test.

This is why I believe that semester tests should not be mandatory of a student who is passing a class. They should have the option of taking the test. I just do not agree with making a student take the test because of excessive absences or tardies. They have proven themselves by passing and they should be left alone.

Semester tests should be for all students

BIANCA GARCIA – Hoof Prints Staff

There’s not much to say about semester tests except that exemptions should not be allowed. A student is exempted from the test if they have missed no more than five days with an “A” or “B” average or three days with a “C” average.

I don’t see what all the fuss is about taking the semester test. If a student has done well throughout the semester, then they should not have a problem with the test.

Taking semester tests is a good idea because it refreshes the students’ memory. Throughout the semester a student will most likely to forget information they have learned. So what better way to refresh one’s memory then by taking a test? A semester test cannot be that hard even if students forget information since the teachers spend two days going over the test. After taking the test, the students’ memory would be refreshed and they would be able to remember the information for the next semester.

The main reason taking semester tests is a good idea is it prepares the students for college. Semester tests in high school are very similar to finals in college. Many students in college always stress out before finals. One reason they probably stress out is because they never took semester tests in high school, and they don’t know how to prepare themselves for the finals. Taking semester tests in high school will prepare the students on how to handle difficult tests.

The fact of the matter is that exemptions are punishing students, not rewarding.