Salsa’s Grill not quite up to the hype

Salsas Grill not quite up to the hype

Stephanie Atchley

I walked into Salsa’s Grill with my party of four others. Every table was full, obviously a popular choice for people eating at about 1 p.m. on a Sunday.  We had to stand and wait about 15 minutes before being seated.  

The service was very dull due to the fact that we had to get our own menus from the front and ask waiters five times in order to get the correct amount of straws and silverware for every person at our table.  However, I cannot deny the fact that we got our food in a very timely manner, and I do not remember a time where my glass was less than half full.

My chicken enchilada dinner, complete with a heaping serving of rice and beans, was standard Mexican food fare. It wasn’t spectacular, but it also wasn’t horrible. There was nothing spectacular about it, but it was not bad.  

After hearing lots of great things about Salsa’s Grill, I was a bit disappointed. Like my chicken enchilada, it wasn’t bad, just not great. I would give them another try at a less busy time to see if they can live up to the hype.