Ruth B likely to reach star status with latest EP


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Canadian singer Ruth B

Shyla Clayton

Canadian singer Ruth B is rising quickly to fame. I, personally, love her soft, raspy voice. The only problem I have with young singer Ruth B is that her songs lack diversity. They all sound very similar, with a slow to medium speed and only a piano playing with her.

After listening to two songs, she begins to get a little repetitive. However, Ruth B is really good at relating to a certain age group of preteens to young adults. Artists similar to Ruth B’s sound would be Colbie Caillat and Sara Bareilles.

“Lost Boy,” her most famous song, was what got her career off the ground. This beautiful ballad holds much meaning behind all the haunting lyrics. The song is about a lost boy who is all alone and wants to escape reality so he creates a fantasy world with the characters of the famous story “Peter Pan”.

Run run lost boy, they say to me away from all of reality Neverland is home to lost boys like me and lost boys like me are free.”

This line tells how he wants to get away from reality and in Neverland they are free. “Lost Boy” can relate to many teens these days because they do not feel like they fit in just like the lost boy.

My favorite song that I have listened to by Ruth B is “2 Poor Kids.” This is also a song that many teens can relate too. It is about her and her lover and how they are poor people in a rich city. She tells how he wants their names to be known but she is okay with them being poor and unknown because when you have money and fame love doesn’t stay the same.

Two of her other songs that I don’t necessarily care much for are “Golden” and “Superficial Love,” although these songs will both likely resonate with many.

“Golden” is about how people thought she wasn’t worth what she really was, like a “diamond in the rough.”

While “Superficial Love” is about how she is tired of these relationships with no real meaning and that only reach the eye. She wants something raw and real, where the person loves her for her personality.

I think Ruth B will connect with many and make herself known with her songs.