“American Horror Story” continues to captive


Photo by FX

“American Horror Story Hotel” is back on FX, featuring pop icon Lady Gaga.

MJ Ivy


The phenomenon that is “American Horror Story” continues to capture the minds of the very dedicated fans. In the fifth season of the groundbreaking series, the story takes place in a hotel that is run by a various amount of vampires, a drag queen, a dutiful maid, and the very adventurous souls of other dead persons. Lady Gaga comes in for the sweep with her new role as a vampire in the Wednesday night show.

This series has taken many curves and twists, from dead children coming back to their families, to an unlimited amount of murders. It showcases the darker sides of people, the crazy turns that characters can make and the amount of dedication that people hold on to.

The series starts with the craziness that happens far too often with child kidnappings. Lady Gaga appears as a black mistress that takes children to keep them safe at the hotel. She turns them into vampires and keeps them as her children. It tears one family to the point of divorce and the husband seeks refuge in the Hotel. He starts seeing dead serial killers and eventually gets kidnapped into a secret meeting of the murderers.

Next, the characters are all designed to have different roles and made to follow a totally different story line. This is pure genius to me. I love seeing my favorite actors move on from one year to the next and see what amazingly dark personalities they possess from season to season.

This season has been the best to me, as far as capturing my attention and keeping me wondering what will happen next.