“Walking Dead” premiere lives up to excpectations

Walking Dead premiere lives up to excpectations

Greydon Williams, Editor


For the last seven months I have spent very little time watching real TV. The reason being “The Walking Dead” has been on one of those stupid season breaks again. However, last Sunday filled the hole in my life by returning one of my favorite show with a bang quite literally to be honest.

This season premiere in my opinion has topped all others, and I think I know why I feel that way. The top reason being how last season ended. If you don’t remember it basically went down like this: The prison got destroyed and the group was separated into smaller groups all working to get towards Terminus and having to deal with what had just happened. We had to sit through episode over episode of each little group making their way and then in the second to last Glenn’s group meets up with Maggie’s group and Daryl meets up with Rick’s group. The finale follows Rick’s group as the arrive on Terminus. Things go bad and everyone is put into a train car where they find the rest of the group with the exception of Carol, Tyreese, and Judith. And then it ends.

Now the reason that makes this premiere better is because of the cliffhanger. Every season previous while not ending on solid ground has never ended on such a “what next?” cliffhanger. So when you end a season like that, what happens to the next season premiere? Well, it gets moving really quickly and is jampacked with epicness.

This episode threw so much at you at once without being overbearing. Many people I have spoken with were under the impression that the group would be at Terminus for at least a few episodes, but that possibility was quickly diminished by the fact that everyone was dying and the place was on fire.

As for characters I am so glad that “kill everything Rick” is back with us. Last season we saw a very passive Rick who was trying to not be involved with leading the group, and I hated it. Another thing I’m glad to see back is Carol in the group. While I had pretty much guessed as soon as she was gone she would be back its good to see her with the rest of them again and good to see her killing everything that is a threat. That bottle rocket scene was epic. Oh and if you’re reading this and hoping to see something about Beth…I’m sorry but the episode didn’t even mention her.

Since this episode is so recent I’ll refrain from giving away too many plot details, but I will say this, the cannibals got what they deserved.

My favorite part about the episode, however, was the end after the credits. Without giving too much away a character who has been gone since season three has returned and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

This episode gets a great score from me, I can’t wait to see where this season takes the group and I’m looking forward to getting my weekly dose of watching zombies die.