Needed: Escorts without a basketball


Homecoming is a night everyone looks forward to. Each grade votes for their class representatives and then awaits for the announcements to be made, excited to hear who the lucky three will be.

When the names are revealed, there is a great deal of pressure put on these excited girls that have won. They have to worry about getting a dress, shoes, and jewelry, along with making appointments to get their hair and makeup done. I think these things are the least of these girls’ worries because of one big question. Who will they choose to escort them?

Currently, the homecoming representatives can only choose an escort from the senior high boys basketball team. Is this really fair? I don’t believe it is. These girls have been voted as homecoming representatives by their classmates and they should be allowed to walk with whomever they want.

Homecoming is not meant for just the basketball players, so why are they the only choice for an escort? Homecoming week is supposed to promote school spirit among all of the students. In my opinion I think this is something that should be changed. I believe that this decision should be completely up to them with no restrictions.