Lock it or leave it –which is the right combination?

Most BIC students choose not to put locks on their lockers.

Locking up lockers just makes sense

MADISON FINCH – Hoof Prints Staff

Everyone has had something stolen from them at one time or another. I know this problem can’t be completely stopped, but I do believe it can be helped. By having locks on lockers, students would be able to keep any personal item in their lockers at all times.

To me, giving each student a lock only has positive consequences. Everything the student needs to keep private will be safe. If Mr. Rose wants to check lockers, he or the office would hold the combination. This wouldn’t give the students the opportunity to hide personal, prohibited items. It would only keep personal items secure among other students.

It is clear to me that this would very easily lower the rates of theft, not only with expensive belongings, but also with homework. In school today, any student can get in any other student’s locker and grab their homework without anyone knowing. If we had locks, it would stop this act. The thief wouldn’t be able to get in the locker because they wouldn’t know the code, and they wouldn’t want to look suspicious while trying.

This addition wouldn’t cause more tardies. Everyday I see students that take their time before going to class. Many use the bathroom, talk to friends or walk significant others to class before going to their own. Locks wouldn’t take more than 15 seconds to unlock. That leaves four minutes and 45 seconds to beat the tardy bell.

If some believe this would cause a high tardy rate, they don’t have to lock their lockers. It would be a choice that each would have to make. If they though it would cause more problems than it was worth, they could simply reject the offer. Although, if one did refuse, there would more than likely be more theft reports.

Price is also not an issue. Locks are very cheap and I’m sure the school could afford locks for everyone if the students could not find a way to purchase this necessity. After all the problems with stolen items, I would say that the school would basically profit from this investment.

I obviously believe that locks in our school would help everyone. It would lower the problems that many face daily and they are easy to buy, work and manage. It would be in our best interest to adopt locks on our lockers.

Locks not needed, so why bother?

KAYLA STACY – Hoof Prints Staff

Almost every year the argument of “Why can’t we have locks on our lockers” comes up. Technically, it isn’t a rule that we can’t have locks on our lockers. We can have locks as long as we give Mr. Rose the code or other key.

I know most students don’t want to give Mr. Rose a key or code to their locks because they think they shouldn’t have to. Although we are using the lockers, we do have to give Mr. Rose the ability to get in there in case a student is hiding something such as drugs, weapons, etc.

In my opinion I don’t see the need for locks on lockers. Who is going to want to steal a math book? It’s just a math book! I know I wouldn’t want to. I don’t even like having one of my own. If students wouldn’t keep things in their lockers such as cell phones or anything to that extent, then they wouldn’t have to worry about other students stealing their belongings.

Also, locks on the lockers just make people think why do they want a lock so bad and what are they hiding? I believe that when someone puts a lock on his or her locker that it makes people want to get in there even more. It’s sort of like someone saying I have something to tell you then turning around and saying never mind I can’t tell you. At first you don’t care that much, but then when they say I can’t tell you you begin to wonder more.

If a student’s locker does not have a lock on it, not very many people care about what’s in there, but when a student puts a locker on there, one begins to wonder. I’m not accusing anyone at this school of trying to hide drugs or weapons or anything like that. All I’m saying is I personally do not see the need in having locks on lockers.