Justin Yates


MJ Ivy

Girls’ basketball coach Justin Yates

Joanna Perez


“I remember telling the girls in the first couple weeks of practice last year in the summertime that they were a Final Four caliber team. I don’t think anyone really believed me at that point in time, but when things began to take shape as the year went on, they began to believe in themselves and believe that they could get to that point and that’s exactly what they proved. It was hard to replace five seniors but I think that even though we are young,we have five sophomores that have replaced those five seniors, we will do good. I feel good about it.  We do have good leadership in our seniors that we have this year, but it’s not every year that you get to the Final Four in a state basketball tournament. We’re gonna be young but we have a lot of potential if we can continue to build on where we’re at in practice. I think that we will continue to get better as the year goes on.”