Johnny Gomez

Shyla Clayton


“I like soccer, but football is my favorite sport. I wanna be a football player when I grow up. I’m hopefully moving back to Texas so that I can start playing on a football team. One quarterback can change the whole team, Russell Wilson from the Seahawks, he is a quarterback and the Seahawks weren’t good until he started playing for them. They even won the Superbowl. It wasn’t just him that made them win the Superbowl, but a quarterback is one of the most important players. Everyone says I am too small to be a quarterback, but Russell was small. That’s why no one really liked him. There are a bunch of obstacles in being a small quarterback, and everyone discourages people by saying, ‘You are going to have bulk up.’ I know the linemen are going to be big, that just means I am going to have to move around and be faster. I’m also going to have to prove myself because people won’t accept me as a quarterback. I am dedicated and play football everyday after school with my brothers and I am going to move. I wanna go to college and play football then play for the Texans.”