Enterprising student starts business out of backpack

Arellano has thriving taco business with help from mom


Joanna Perez

Moisses Arellano displays his inventory of tacos that he sells to students before school and at lunch.

Joanna Perez

After countless applications filled out to no avail, sophomore Moisess Arellano searched for a way to make money.

For many high school students, getting a job and providing for themselves is something they often look forward to. Due to living in a small community, jobs available for them often aren’t plentiful.

“I needed money,” said Arellano. “I couldn’t get a job and I had already filled out a bunch of applications. One day my mom was like, ‘Why don’t you sell tacos or something?'”

Following the advice of his mother, Moisess began selling tacos during school every day.

“Every morning I make about 20,” he said. “I pretty much sell all of them by fourth period. People really like them. 

“I usually bring tacos of eggs and chorizo, beans and chorizo, or eggs and potatoes. It just depends on what I feel like making.”

Arellano has developed a following with his taco business, earning several repeat customers. Perhaps his best customer is junior Dax Hurst.

“I buy Moisses’s tacos because they give me an energy boost when I most need it,” Hurst said.

I pretty much sell all of them by fourth period.

— Moisses Arellano

With his unconventional job came unconventional methods of distribution.

“I keep them in my backpack so when people say, ‘Hey, I wanna buy a taco,’ I get my ziplock bag out and get out their taco,” he said.

“It makes for good business.”