It’s a lock


As you open up your locker, you notice something is missing. Your purse, your backpack or maybe even a book. The question is who could have taken this? Although one may assume it would be someone that has a locker near yours but in all reality, you can’t just start pointing fingers. It could be anyone in the school.

This situation has become a small problem in our school. But will Mr. Rose allow everyone to put locks on their lockers? Probably not. Putting a lock on every student’s locker would have some advantages and some disadvantages.

If every student had a lock on their locker, Mr. Rose would have no clue what they were keeping in their locker. Therefore Mr. Rose would have to have a code to every one’s locker. For him it would be a lot more work than just opening up someone’s locker. Also, having to put a code in every time you went to your locker would take up a little more time than just opening it up. We would probably have a few more tardies because of this.

Although having a lock on your locker may sound like it would be a hassle for Mr. Rose or take up more of your time getting to class, would it be worth it? I believe it would. If I opened my locker and realized something was missing out of it, I would be rather upset. I believe that having locks on our lockers would be the only way to fix this.

It may mean more time getting to class or more work for Mr. Rose but it could also mean saving your money, purse, backpack or books. In my opinion every student should have a lock on their locker. I have noticed that a few people do and although they may have a hard time getting in their lockers and making it to class on time, they do not have to worry about anything missing out of their locker when they go back to it after class.